National Indigenous Land and Sea Strategy

The ILSC's key policy document

Following consultation with Indigenous organisations and individuals across the country, the ILSC is pleased to publish its inaugural National Indigenous Land and Sea Strategy (NILSS) for the period 2019-2022. The ILSC Board thanks those who took the time to provide their views on the opportunities available for realising Indigenous peoples’ aspirations through the consultation.

The NILSS is the first national strategy to be developed following legislation changes that extended the remit of the ILSC to include water-based activities.

The NILSS is the ILSC’s key policy document, setting out our strategic direction for the period. The NILSS guides the performance and functions of the ILSC. It presents the ILSC’s priority focus areas, program delivery mechanisms and renewed commitment to building enduring stakeholder relationships as a framework for helping Indigenous people enjoy opportunities and benefits that the return of country and its management brings.

Regional Indigenous Land and Sea Strategies (RILSS) are also currently being developed for the ILSC’s four Australian regions: Northern, South-West, Desert and South-East. The RILSS will provide further, layered information on the characteristics of, and opportunities in, each region.

Given that water-based activities are new to the ILSC, the Board has committed to reviewing and refreshing both the NILSS and RILSS in 2021, with stakeholder input.

National Indigenous Land and Sea Strategy 2019-2022

National Indigenous Land and Sea Strategy 2018-22

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