Nintiringanyi Cultural Training Centre

Woree, QLD

The ILSC granted a property in McCormack Street, Cairns to Nintiringanyi Cultural Training Centre (NCTC) so the group can maintain and expand its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander training, employment preparation and life skill development programs.

NCTC runs a variety of training programs: pre-vocational work-ready training, self empowerment and development of leadership skills including West Cairns Indigenous Youth Empowerment; Indigenous Regional Sport and Recreation; Sport and Recreation Active Inclusion; Skilling Queenslanders for Work; Indigenous Micro Business Mentoring; Indigenous Women’s Life Skills; Participate into Prosperity; and Work for Life.

Various government departments and community groups regularly use the property for training and community workshops and the property is a venue for cultural activities and a place of worship and
There has been a dramatic increase in Indigenous people’s participation in social and cultural activities at the property since acquisition. Participation in social and cultural activities has increased almost 300% since the acquisition.

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