North West Indigenous Pastoral Project

The ILSC is supporting Indigenous cattle men and women in South Australia by partnering with the South Australian Government in the North West Indigenous Pastoral Project (NWIPP).

The ILSC has co-funded the project, which has run for three years, with the SA Governments’ Department of Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA), and helped train and employ 75 pastoral employees  and return more than 272,000 hectares of Indigenous-owned land back to sustainable, commercial primary production.

The SA Government provided almost $2.9 million to the NWIPP from 2015, and committed a further 2.25 million over 2019-2021.

The ILSC has supported the project with more than $800,000 in funding to date, and committed $600,000 for property management planning, assisting with bringing land back into production and expanding regional economic contribution by facilitating the employment of Indigenous people to undertake pastoral work in the north west of South Australia.

Equally important for the future, the NWIPP has helped establish the SA Aboriginal Pastoral Committee, an initiative developed and driven by Indigenous pastoral businesses to enable its members to share knowledge, resources, to keep abreast of potential business opportunities, as well as being active role models to new Indigenous pastoral businesses.

The ILSC will continue working with NWIPP pastoral businesses via the ILSC-developed Business Management and Advisory Project (BMAP).

BMAP enhances Indigenous agribusiness professionalism and profitability by instilling accountability and capability to achieve agreed outcomes. BMAP supports

  • people – management, employee and supporting stakeholder’s roles and responsibilities
  • money – financial and economic management
  • livestock – nutrition and supplement planning, recording and marketing systems, and
  • land – grazing planning, monitoring and management

BMAP is also about creating a robust peer support network nationally and best practice in Indigenous-owned pastoral businesses. A highlight is the annual Indigenous Cattlemen’s Workshop, now in its 16th Year. Watch the video below to learn more, as participants talk about their involvement in BMAP.

For more information, please contact the ILSC by clicking Contact Us

See also Primary Industries and Regions SA fact sheet, Delivering Outcomes for South Australia.

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