Divestment of Land

The ILSC buys land to benefit Indigenous people. Land purchased over more than 20 years is located in urban, rural, and remote Australia.

Since 1995, the ILSC has purchased 251* properties covering more than 6 million hectares in remote, rural, and urban Australia. Of these, 189-or more than 75%-have been granted to Indigenous organisations. In 2014-15 alone the ILSC granted 14 properties to Indigenous groups. *Number from Annual Report 2014-15.

Land grant stories

Barongarook Farm, near Colac in Victoria, is providing a place for local Aboriginal people to strengthen their cultural identity and family and community connection.
Brisbane Indigenous Media Association (BIMA) has developed a leading Indigenous media facility on land granted to the broadcaster by the ILSC.
The Bryant property is in Victoria’s Lake Condah lava flow region, near the National Heritage listed Budj Bim National Heritage Landscape
The purchase of the Gowan Brae property means Aboriginal people in Tasmania can now fully enjoy and protect its cultural and environmental values and reconnect with culturally important land in the central highlands bio-region.
The ILSC granted a property in McCormack Street, Cairns to Nintiringanyi Cultural Training Centre (NCTC) so the group can maintain and expand its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander training, employment preparation and life skill development programs.
The land grant marks another significant milestone in supporting Indigenous prosperity and economic empowerment.