Project Profiles

The ILSC buys land to benefit Indigenous people. Land purchased over more than 20 years is located in urban, rural, and remote Australia.

Since 1995, the ILSC has purchased 262 properties covering more than 6.1 million hectares in remote, rural, and urban Australia. Of these, 198 or 76% have been granted to Indigenous organisations. In 2018-19 alone the ILSC granted 7* properties to Indigenous groups. *Number from Annual Report 2018-19.

The Kakadu Plum Project has helped forge an alliance of Aboriginal enterprises to harvest, market and commercialise Kakadu Plum to build a sustainable industry that provides employment, builds capability, promotes networking and knowledge sharing, builds a stronger connection to country, and generates economic benefits stemming from traditional cultural practices.
The ILSC delivers the $34 million SFM Program on behalf of the INPEX-operated Ichthys LNG Project’s voluntary commitments with the Northern Territory Government to offset carbon emissions from the project’s onshore facility.
Challenged by a lack of infrastructure and equipment and with a clear opportunity to grow its business, employ more Indigenous people and generate economic and training benefits from Indigenous-owned land, Barossa Valley Pastured Eggs is now on the path to long-term sustainability as a result of ILSC Our Country Our Future funding.
Kooreelah is a 1044-hectare property 42 kilometres from Casterton in Victoria and is a joint investment effort between the ILSC and Winda-Mara Corporation.
The ILSC provided $1 million to the Wungening Aboriginal Corporation to purchase a site in metropolitan Perth for the expansion of Wooree Miya Women’s Refuge crisis accommodation and child support services.
The ILSC funded the establishment of a property management plan for Mount Tabor and major upgrades to water infrastructure, stockyards, buildings and fencing.