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Current Expressions of Interest

The ILSC is inviting expressions of interest for the curren opportunities:

Crocodile and Welcome Stations – Cape York, QLD

The Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation (ILSC) is a Commonwealth Statutory Corporation incorporated under Part 4A of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act 2005 (Cth) (ATSI Act). The primary functions of the ILSC are to assist Aboriginal persons and Torres Strait Islanders to acquire land and water-related rights and manage Indigenous held land and Indigenous waters so as to provide economic, environmental, social and cultural benefits for Aboriginal persons and Torres Strait Islanders.

The ILSC is inviting expressions of interest from experienced pastoral operators to take over the management and operation of Crocodile and Welcome Stations. The properties are suitable for an individual, family or corporate to manage, either on a standalone basis or to complement activities of a larger aggregation. EOI applicants need not be Indigenous or Torres Strait Island (ATSI) organisations, although ATSI organisations are encouraged to apply.

Crocodile and Welcome Stations are adjoining properties of 54,210 hectares and 70,298 hectares located near the town of Laura on the Cape York Peninsula. The properties are pastoral leases held by the ILSC, with operations currently managed by ILSC subsidiary – Primary Partners Pty Ltd (PPPL). The ILSC is seeking an operator to take over management of the properties from PPPL.

The ILSC preference is for management arrangements that allow ILSC owned cattle and equipment to remain on the property, however the ILSC will accept proposals for alternate arrangements for managing the properties. Expression of Interest applicants should focus on how their activities will provide benefits to local Indigenous people, as well as keep the properties in good working order.

Applicants can find further information for the Request for Proposal here. 

Applicants can access the Expression of Interest application here. 

For further information, including requests for a property inspection, please contact Eastern Division Office on: 07 3854 4664 or email