People. Country. Opportunity.

The Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation.
Now supporting fresh and salt-water activities to create even more opportunities from country for Indigenous Australians.
The Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation.
Assisting Indigenous Australians to acquire and manage country to achieve economic, environmental, social and cultural benefits.

Our corporate brochure provides an outline of the ILSC Group, including what we do and why and several case studies that demonstrate real life examples of the work we do across Australia.

In Returning and managing Country 2021-22, we showcase how Indigenous people are generating benefits from owning and managing Country and invite you to work with us to realise your own aspirations. 

Our information brochure  provides a brief overview of the ILSC’s ‘Our Country. Our Future’ national funding program. Learn about program eligibility, our key focus areas and how to apply.

Our Country Our Future is the ILSC’s national funding program. It operates across urban, regional and remote areas—it doesn’t matter where in Australia you live. 

Through Our Country Our Future, the ILSC can provide a wide range of assistance to those proposing projects: from brokering and developing partnerships, to facilitating and coordinating support, to providing funding assistance.

The ILSC reminds community that its 2023 Emergency Response Grants Program is now available for flood-impacted Indigenous corporations in Queensland and the Northern Territory.
The publication showcases the stories behind the ILSC. It highlights the successes and tremendous outcomes achieved by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations it partners with and shares their stories.
“The acquisition of the Garden Range rock art site from the ILSC is of substantial cultural significance to the Taungurung people, exemplified by a history that dates back more than 20,000 years,” said Taungurung Land and Waters Council CEO Matt Burns.