The Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation (ILSC) supports strategic investment in the agribusiness sector to maximise opportunities and benefits for Indigenous Australians and to enable them to fulfil their aspirations for country.

Indigenous agriculture

The ILSC has previously had a focus on owning and operating agricultural businesses in rural and remote areas to support Indigenous landholders to bring their land back into production; increase economic opportunities (particularly training and employment); and to develop capability of Indigenous land owners.

The ILSC has reviewed its role as an owner, leaseholder and operator and taken the decision that transitioning out of operating businesses would enable the ILSC to rebalance and focus on its core purpose of acquiring and returning country for the economic, environmental, social and cultural benefit of Indigenous Australians.

This is an opportunity for Traditional Owners to consider their aspirations for their country going forward, and make choices to build their capacity, take greater control of businesses run on their country and diversify their skills and revenue streams.

While the ILSC transitions out of operating businesses we currently manage six agribusinesses on properties across Australia, including two in Queensland, two in the Northern Territory, one in Western Australia and one in Tasmania. The businesses include cattle and sheep stations and a meatworks in the Northern Territory.

Since 2019, the ILSC has returned the below agribusiness properties and/or their operations to Indigenous land holders;

  • Myroodah Station (pastoral lease and operations) in the Kimberley to Walalakoo Aboriginal Corporation.
  • Roebuck Plains Station (pastoral lease and operations) in the Kimberley to Nyamba Buru Yawuru (NBY).

Agribusiness Enterprises

Learn more about ILSC’s agribusiness enterprises across Australia.

Animal welfare

The ILSC is committed to sound land and environmental management practices through valuing human, animal and environmental health