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Our Country Our Future

The ILSC can provide a wide range of assistance to those proposing projects, from brokering and developing partnerships, to facilitating and coordinating support, to providing funding assistance.

What assistance is available through Our Country Our Future?

The table below sets out what outcomes should be achieved by and for Indigenous people over time as a result of ILSC funding and other assistance. This can be used as a broad guide to determine whether or not your project can benefit from what the ILSC offers, and whether or not it is aligned to what the ILSC is aiming to achieve.

Download Our Country. Our Future Information Brochure to learn more. 

Download the Returning and managing Country Brochure 2022-23 to discover how Indigenous communities are benefitting from the activities funded by the ILSC.

Are you eligible?

How we assess applications​

Our Country Our Future is a competitive funding program. This means your project will be assessed objectively against each of the criteria set out below and against other project proposals received by the ILSC. This process ensures that the ILSC invests its funds as effectively as possible, delivering the highest potential benefits to Indigenous Australians.

Project Profiles

These project profiles are intended to provide richer insights on the outcomes that are expected to be achieved by each of the projects, as well as highlighting the different pathway that partners choose to reach these outcomes. 

How to apply?

Our Country Our Future is flexible, so you can apply at any time. Please download a copy of our Program Guidelines for more detailed information about the program. 

Contact Us

If you are interested in submitting an application please get in touch with us on a free call to 1800 818 490 to discuss your enquiry.