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The National Indigenous Land and Sea Strategy

The Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation launched its latest National Indigenous Land and Sea Strategy in June 2023.  The ground-breaking Strategy puts Country at the centre and prioritises partnership and self-determination to help shape the future of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across Australia.

The strategy reaffirms the ILSC’s key role as the lead national agency partnering with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the return and management of  Country and sets a clear agenda over the coming years in delivering on the agency’s vision. 

How was the strategy developed?

The new NILSS is the culmination of the ILSC’s largest ever nation-wide consultation over many months, that was genuine, inspiring and and has enabled the ILSC to develop a Strategy that puts the priorities and perspectives of Traditional Owners at the foundation of all of its activities. Over 1000 hours was shared, listening, and speaking to hundreds of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from dozens of communities across Australia, about their aspirations for Country and role of the ILSC. For those who participated in the engagement, thank you for your time and input.

What will the ILSC do under the new NILSS?

  • Act as a strategic funder and facilitator, supporting Indigenous people to access, use, and Care for Country on their own terms to achieve their aspirations
  • Support Indigenous people to leverage, and continue to grow their assets, rights to land and water gained over the past 60 years of the land rights movement and recognition through native title and other schemes
  • Extend beyond grant-making and enable Indigenous groups to take advantage of opportunities that optimise the use and Care of Country now and into the future
  • Improve services to Indigenous people and continue to return power and control to Indigenous communities by divesting our operating businesses and landholdings.

What’s next?

Following extensive national consultation for the NILSS, where we identified what we will achieve in partnership with Indigenous groups by 2028, we have committed to developing three Regional Indigenous Land and Sea Strategies (RILSS) by December 2023. The RILSS will be aligned to the NILSS’ Priorities and Commitments, identifying regional-specific actions that correspond to our divisional boundaries, ensuring our operations are well connected to the NILSS and regional priorities:

  • ‘Western’ covers Western Australia
  • ‘Central’ covers the Northern Territory, South Australia, Victoria, and Tasmania
  • ‘Eastern’ covers New South Wales, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, and the Torres Strait Islands

Using existing knowledge and insights from the NILSS, we will undertake targeted consultation on the priorities and actions required within each region. This consultation is taking place during September 2023 with an opportunity for further input and review prior to the RILSS being published in December 2023. If you would like to contribute to the development of the RILSS in your region, please contact

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