Culture and cattle working side by side on Roebuck

8 Jul 2019

To celebrate NAIDOC Week, ABC Landline visited Roebuck Plains Station near Broome in Western Australia to see the commercially successful collaboration between Yawuru and the ILSC on an Indigenous cattle station.

Aboriginal stockmen are learning the ropes and taking back the reins all while conserving culture and the environment – proving culture and cattle can work side by side. 

A big thank you to Yawuru who assisted the ILSC in collaborating on this great story and all of the hard working Indigenous stockmen at the property.

The ILSC purchased Roebuck in 1999 at the request of Yawuru people, it was officially handed back to Yawuru Traditional Owners in 2014 and the ILSC are currently subleasing the property back to run as the cattle enterprise.

Read more and catch up on the program on ABC TV + iview

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