ILSC Annual Report 2020-21

9 Nov 2021

The Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation (ILSC) is proud to have met or exceeded many of our core performance measures in the 2020-21 financial year, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The release of our Annual Report 2020-21 has been tabled in Parliament and demonstrates an organisation successfully achieving its core vision of supporting Indigenous people to enjoy the rightful entitlements, opportunities and benefits that the return of country and its management brings.

Through our continued focus on partnerships, we leveraged $24 million investment in projects under the ‘Our Country. Our Future’ national funding program to realise over $61.2 million dollars of investment into the Indigenous Estate .

The ILSC is also pleased to have secured six interests in relation to land acquisition for Indigenous corporations during the financial year, returning almost 148,218 hectares of land to the Indigenous Estate.

Highlights of the financial year also include:

Image of first page of 2020-2021 annual report

  • 7 land based properties returned to Indigenous Australians (3,869 hectares)
  • 216 land and water-based projects acquired or under management
  • 41.2% Indigenous employment across the ILSC Group (as at June 30)
  • $7.5 million transferred to Indigenous businesses through the procurement of goods and services
  • 104 Indigenous enterprises assisted through ILSC projects.

Exceeding or meeting six of our nine targets has ensured the ILSC has made a significant contribution to the Four Pathways of Change for Indigenous Australians, including:

Growing the value and productivity of country:

  • Created 8 new Indigenous enterprises
  • 20 Indigenous enterprises improving strategic and operational strength, involving 259 participants
  • 41 Indigenous enterprises with improved productivity by building capacity and capability.

Preserving and protecting culture through reconnection with country:

  • 16 projects commenced or expanded culturally appropriate services
  • 6,388 Indigenous Australians accessed these services
  • Held 208 cultural events

Owning and managing country sustainably:

  • 130 sites or 17.5 million hectares improved to protect culturally significant sites
  • 4,282 people participated in training to protect country
  • 20 projects commenced to improve management of country.

Driving and influencing policy and opportunity for country:

  • 16 projects supported by 22 external partners contributing $31 million funding
  • 28 knowledge sharing events and conferences supported or attended by the ILSC
  • 9 projects supported to increase Indigenous representation.

The Annual Report features key projects across land and water in eight case studies. Providing richer insights on expected outcomes and highlighting the various pathways our clients and partners can take to attain these outcomes. 

It is with great optimism that the ILSC looks toward 2022 where we will continue to support Indigenous Australians to achieve their goals and aspirations for country and their communities.

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