ILSC commences an assessment of options for the ownership of Ayers Rock Resort operations

15 Feb 2024

The Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation (ILSC) has commenced an assessment of options for its subsidiary, Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia Pty Ltd, which operates the Ayers Rock Resort at Yulara in Central Australia.

The ILSC’s primary objective is to fulfil its statutory obligations of returning land to First Nations peoples, and in doing so, create Indigenous benefit for Traditional Owners, and local, regional, and national First Nations peoples.

With this objective in mind, the assessment is focused on exploring potential alternative ownership options for the operations at Ayers Rock Resort. Mossman Gorge Cultural Centre, also owned by Voyages, is not part of the review.

At this stage, there is no certainty as to what the ultimate outcome of the assessment will be.

The assessment process involves ongoing consultation and engagement with the local First Nations peoples to understand their aspirations and in particular who should benefit from the land divestment process and how those benefits are to flow.

For further information, please contact the ILSC Media Team on: or 0428 195 056.

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