Indigenous voices shaping the future of the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation

2 Feb 2023

The future strategic direction of the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation (ILSC) is being directly shaped from the outcomes of the organisation’s largest ever targeted community engagement process.


The program of engagement took place over a 15-week period, from May to August 2022.


The ILSC listened to the aspirations and priorities of more than 400 people, totalling over 1200 hours of sharing, all to inform its National Indigenous Land and Sea Strategy (NILSS) – the ILSC’s primary policy document – and to reset the organisation’s relationship with Indigenous people.


This means the future of the ILSC – and what it will set out to deliver over the next 5 years – will be defined by the voices of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples it serves.   


Today, the ILSC seeks to continue the conversation with the release of the report of the community consultation and an invitation to make comment on the emerging direction of the NILSS. The report, and Strategy outline for comment, share key themes identified from the community consultation campaign, which cover aspirations related to returning Country, managing Country and sector leadership, and the desired role of the ILSC.


ILSC Group Chief Executive Officer, Joe Morrison, said the themes form part of the ambitions of the Indigenous communities across the country, demonstrating the growing voice of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


“We wanted Indigenous people right across Australia to have their say in shaping the future of the ILSC – an organisation which strives to serve all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through the return of Country,” said Mr Morrison.


“We have heard you loud and clear – and that’s why the community consultation report released today lays bare to some pretty frank feedback from our community. We’re not highlighting just the positives.


“Some of you said that you want the ILSC to step back and let Indigenous people lead the way. Others want the ILSC to play a greater role in advocating to industry and government, and influence policy by amplifying our united voice.


“What you told us – about your aspirations and priorities – will shape the future of the ILSC.”


ILSC Group Chair, Ian Hamm, echoed Mr Morrison’s words and added that community-centred engagement is now firmly embedded within the fabric of the ILSC.


“In 2022, the ILSC’s Board underwent significant renewal and one of our fundamental priorities was to make sure the ILSC is delivering for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples that it serves,” said Mr Hamm.


“We then completed the organisation’s largest ever community engagement process to ensure strengthened alignment between the ILSC and the Indigenous community.


“This is stage one. The community consultation report offers insights into what we heard – and now the NILSS will be informed by the voices of our community, directly influencing the ILSC’s strategic direction.”


Community members will have a further chance to have their say on the NILSS as a three-week consultation period commences following the release of the strategy outline.


You can read the full community consultation report here and the strategy outline for comment here.




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