Media Statement Property Re-acquisition Mogila, Goodooga (NSW) and Currawillinghi, Hebel (QLD)

5 Oct 2022

“In 1997 and 1999, the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation (ILSC) purchased Mogila and Currawillinghi Stations on behalf of Traditional Owners, and then granted both pastoral properties, including the land, infrastructure, stock, and water licenses to Ngurampaa Limited as the responsible entity.”

“While we recognised it was the sole responsibility of Ngurampaa Limited to manage its own affairs, the ILSC communicated frequently with the group to ensure it was aware of its landholding obligations under the Deed of Grant of Land. “

“We consider it to be a very unfortunate situation that Ngurampaa Limited was placed into liquidation in 2015 after deciding not to pay the rates and taxes it owed on the properties under Australian law.”

“We acknowledge this land holding as very significant, with the ILSC’s first Indigenous General Manager, Mr Murray Chapman, buried on Currawillinghi.”

“Many members of the Traditional Owning group have a strong connection to Mogila and Currawillinghi Stations. This is the reason the ILSC stepped in to protect these properties from being lost from the Indigenous group once Ngurampaa Limited was officially wound up by the court; ensuring they are retained for the access and benefit of all members of the group”

“Following the reacquisition, the ILSC tried to work with Mr Anderson to allow an orderly return of the properties, but that was unsuccessful, leaving the ILSC with no alternative but to seek possession by way of Court procedure. “

“It is a regrettable situation that the current occupants must vacate the property. However, this will enable us, as the landholder, to ensure that Mogila and Currawillinghi stations are divested to an appropriate landowning entity for the future benefit of the Traditional Owners.”

ILSC Group CEO, Joe Morrison
30 September 2022

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