Award-winning solution putting the power of data into the hands of First Nations peoples

31 Mar 2023

The power of data is flowing directly into the hands of First Nations peoples thanks to an Indigenous-owned and led – and now award-winning – organisation, The Keeping Place.

The Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation is proud to have supported the development and establishment of The Keeping Place, as it works to support Traditional Owners and their representatives to protect cultural knowledge, manage Country, and regain sovereignty of their data through a culturally considerate software platform.

And now, the success of the highly praised software platform has resulted in The Keeping Place being recognised at the highest level after taking out the First Nations Leading a Sustainable Future Award at the Banksia Foundation Awards.

Chief Executive Officer of The Keeping Place, Bradley Brown, explained how the award-winning solution is putting the power of data into the hands of First Nations peoples.

“The vison of our Members was to create a safe and secure mechanism to return lost and stolen cultural heritage information to its rightful Custodians,” said Mr Brown.

“The Keeping Place is that platform. It is driving the collection, storage, and promotion of Traditional Knowledge, conserving it for future generations.

“But The Keeping Place is so so much more…  We put the power of data into the hands of First Nations communities, ensuring that they have access to the same level of information as those seeking to exploit their lands, and closing the digital divide every day.

“We are on a journey to bring the benefits of our platform to as many Indigenous groups as possible, and we thank Banksia Foundation, its Partners, for this recognition.”

Director and Member Representative to The Keeping Place, Edith Hall, from Karlka Nyiyaparli Aboriginal Corporation said The Keeping Place holds a dear place to her heart.

“I have been a part of its journey from the beginning, and winning this award is fantastic recognition of the hard work we have done,” said Ms Hall.

The ILSC has invested more than $1.5 million into The Keeping Place as part of its commitment to support indigenous-owned businesses and promoting solutions to provide benefit to Indigenous communities. The Keeping Place’s success is a testament to the power of Indigenous entrepreneurship in the tech sector and the importance of backing Indigenous-led businesses.

ILSC Group Chief Executive Officer, Joe Morrison, celebrated the successes of The Keeping Place, highlighting the significance of the solution being recognised through the Banksia Foundation’s First Nations Leading a Sustainable Future Award.

“The Keeping Place has harnessed the power of technology and handed it directly to Indigenous people,” said Mr Morrison.

“The ILSC, being a proud partner of The Keeping Place, would like to extend its congratulations to Bradley and the team.”  

The 34th Banksia National Sustainability Awards is widely known Australia’s longest running and most prestigious sustainability awards.

More information about The Keeping Place can be found here –

The Keeping Place Director and Member Representative, Edith Hall and Chief Executive Officer, Bradley Brown

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