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The ILSC is launching the most comprehensive engagement process in our history to engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples about the return and management of Country and help shape the National Indigenous Land and Sea Strategy.

This strategy is a living document that changes with the changing needs of community.  As an individual, an organisation or Traditional Owner you can have your say on what goes into the strategy you have a chance to shape how we work with you and for you.

We are hosting engagement sessions in more than 40 locations across Australia.  If we are not able to come to you, there will be virtual sessions which will allow any Indigenous people to participate.

For more information please go to the NILSS Welcome Brochure 

To start the conversation we have asked Indigenous experts and practitioners to explore some key trends and sectors to provide ideas on the role the ILSC could play. Check out the Information pack materials (Factsheets and Discussion Papers) here 

How to make your voice heard - how can I participate?

Come along to one of our public face-to-face sessions or join an online session

Phone us on 1800 818 490 for a confidential chat

Email your submissions to NILSS@ilsc.gov.au to share your thoughts, due 26 August.

A feedback report summarising what we have heard from you and how we will use this important information will be available on the website.