ILSC Corporate Plan 2022-23, Strategy 2026 has been released!

31 Aug 2022

The ILSC Corporate Plan 2022-23, Strategy to 2026 continues to build on the ILSC’s vision for Indigenous people to enjoy the rightful entitlements, opportunities and benefits that the return of Country and its management brings.

Outlined in the Corporate Plan, are our four pathways of change:

  • Indigenous people are maintaining and growing the value and productivity of Country.
  • Indigenous people are owning and managing Country sustainably.
  • Indigenous people are influencing policy and opportunity for Country.
  • Indigenous people are strengthening culture through reconnection to Country.

Preparation of the 2022-23 Corporate Plan comes under the auspices of a new ILSC Board and a new Australian Government. With the new government’s commitment to enshrining a First Nations Voice to Parliament and to establishing the Makarrata Commission, we believe there has never been a better time to examine and mature our engagement and partnerships strategy, and operations. This will ensure the aspirations of Indigenous people are genuinely represented. It also builds on mechanisms to improve opportunities for Indigenous participation in shared decision-making. This will be a focus of the year ahead.

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