Kooreelah is a 1044-hectare property 42 kilometres from Casterton in Victoria and is a joint investment effort between the ILSC and Winda-Mara Corporation.

The ILSC granted land to Winda-Mara Corporation (Winda-Mara) in South Western Victoria.

The ILSC contributed $1.3 million in land acquisition and other costs, and in 2013, the ILSC granted Winda-Mara $300,000 for infrastructure improvement.

The land grant marks another significant milestone in supporting Indigenous prosperity and economic empowerment.

The funding for Kooreelah has meant that community members have access to the property and the pasture renovation of more than 120-hectares which provides for great economic and training opportunities.

The property can also be used for community events, as well as being used in the training of staff and community members in farming and farm management.
Winda-Mara also continue to deliver a profitable beef fattening enterprise, skills development and employment for local Indigenous people.

The joint investment delivers on the ILSC’s commitment in supporting Indigenous benefits and economic empowerment across Australia.

With new leadership and a renewed focus on its core mandate of delivering benefits to Indigenous people through land acquisition and management, the ILSC plays a critical role in nation building by unlocking the vast potential of the Indigenous Estate.

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