Kuti Co Pipi Project


A historic multi-million dollar commercial fishing venture launched in December 2019 will create jobs and training opportunities for the Ngarrindjeri people in South Australia.

Kuti Co, which is wholly Ngarrindjeri owned, will establish a commercial enterprise to harvest pipis (small clams known locally as kuti) in the Lakes and Coorong fishery.

This venture is being majority funded by the ILSC. It is expected to provide employment and training opportunities for more than 30 local Aboriginal people over the forward years, as the partnership develops and evolves.

The investment has enabled Kuti Co to acquire a fishing licence and a significant quantity of commercial pipi quota.

Kuti Co will also become a major shareholder in Goolwa PipiCo, Australia’s largest pipi processing and marketing company, enabling it to increase its market share of the fishery.

Kuti Co is jointly owned by the Ngarrindjeri Aboriginal Corporation, which represents Native Title holders, and Ngopamuldi Aboriginal Corporation, a small corporation with experience in successfully managing land-based enterprises.

The pipis harvested by Kuti Co are expected to be sold to high-end restaurants, generating a significant annual financial return, which will be reinvested in the Ngarrindjeri community and enterprises.

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