Investments in Projects

Stories from ILSC-funded projects

Since 2007, the ILSC has received funding from the Federal Budget to manage the Real Jobs Program in the Northern Territory. This provides work-based training and employment for unemployed Indigenous people, to build their capacity and assist their transition into jobs in the land management, tourism and agribusiness sectors.
The ILSC invested close to $2 million to establish Roebuck Export Depot as a commercial, accredited business with a capacity of up to 12,000 head of cattle.
Roebuck Plains Station forms an important part of Yawuru country, now divested to Nyamba Buru Yawuru Ltd, with the ILC leasing the station to operate a cattle business.
The ILSC provided $1 million to the Wungening Aboriginal Corporation to purchase a site in metropolitan Perth for the expansion of Wooree Miya Women’s Refuge crisis accommodation and child support services.


Kooreelah is a 1044-hectare property 42 kilometres from Casterton in Victoria and is a joint investment effort between the ILSC and Winda-Mara Corporation.